FIFA 23 beginners’ guide: Tips and tricks to level up your skills | Digital Trends (2023)

FIFA 23 is the latest installment in the long-running FIFA series (that will soon come to an end), and it comes with a bunch of new features to give you an edge come match day. If you’re new to the series — or have just been away for a while — there’s a lot to learn.


  • Fun-sized FUT Moments
  • Tool up at the Training Center
  • FUT chemistry is massively different
  • Women’s leagues are here
  • Power shots can be deadly — if done right
  • Focus on dead-ball situations
  • Stick to the game plan

That’s where our FIFA 23 beginners’ guide comes in. We’ve delved into the game and found all the best advice for features new and old. All of them will help you get to grips with FIFA 23 and take your skills from amateur level to world-class in next to no time.

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Fun-sized FUT Moments

FIFA 23 beginners’ guide: Tips and tricks to level up your skills | Digital Trends (1)

FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT for short, is one of the most popular modes in every FIFA game. FUT lets you collect player cards, build your dream team, and use it to compete for trophies against other FIFA players.

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This year, EA has added a new angle to Ultimate Team called FUT Moments, each of which is a bite-sized single-player scenario that drops you in the middle of the action and tasks you with completing a challenge.

For example, there are FUT Moments that let you recreate key moments in particular superstars’ careers. There are themed challenges — score a winning goal with two minutes left, for example — and more off-the-wall scenarios, such as scoring with your goalkeeper.

Because they’re short and sweet, FUT Moments are a great way to learn about both Ultimate Team and FIFA 23 in general, level up your skills, and have a bit of fun, too. If you’re new to FUT, they could be a good place to start.

Tool up at the Training Center

FIFA 23 beginners’ guide: Tips and tricks to level up your skills | Digital Trends (2)

This year, EA has added a new Training Center to help beginners hone their skills at the game. This mode is divided into chapters, with each one giving you goals to achieve that get more advanced and challenging as you progress.

For example, the tasks in your first game are to complete 15 ground passes, attempt three good shots, and complete two standing tackles. During the match, you can see what tasks are left to complete so you know how you’re doing.

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After each game, you’ll get personalized feedback on how you can improve based on your performance. The idea is you get a complete picture of how you’re playing, rather than just whether you achieved the pre-defined goals.

That makes the Training Center a good way to learn the ropes in match situations rather than trying to hone your skills on the training pitch. When it comes to more serious matches, you’ll know just what to do.

FUT chemistry is massively different

FIFA 23 beginners’ guide: Tips and tricks to level up your skills | Digital Trends (3)

One of the key elements of FUT has always been chemistry. This year, chemistry has seen its biggest overhaul since Ultimate Team was introduced, so you’ll need to learn what’s new if you intend to play a lot of FUT.

In FIFA 23, team chemistry is no more. Instead, you now just need to think about each individual player’s chemistry. Players can earn up to three chemistry points if there are other players in the team from the same region or nation, the same division, and the same club.

That new focus on individual chemistry means there are no more chemistry lines between players. As well as that, poor chemistry no longer reduces a player’s attributes, and each player will start each game with their base abilities intact.

There are a few other changes to chemistry coming this year, too, such as players not losing chemistry if they are played out of position. The idea is to make squad building more straightforward and give rise to more varied squads, giving you greater license to experiment. So, if you’ve often felt stifled by FUT’s chemistry system, now’s the time to jump back in and give it another go.

Women’s leagues are here

FIFA 23 beginners’ guide: Tips and tricks to level up your skills | Digital Trends (4)

Women’s soccer has seen a huge surge in popularity over the last few years, and FIFA 23 is reflecting that with the most extensive set of women’s teams yet.

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This year, you’ll be able to play in England’s FA Women’s Super League and France’s Division 1 Féminine, all with fully licensed teams and players. You can also take part in international women’s tournaments and friendly matches.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite a full-fledged career mode — it’s missing transfers, youth academies, and a few other features from the men’s career mode — but it’s the biggest update to the women’s game in FIFA for a number of years and adds a new dimension to the women’s game. It’s a great opportunity to take one of your favorite teams to glory.

Power shots can be deadly — if done right

FIFA 23 beginners’ guide: Tips and tricks to level up your skills | Digital Trends (5)

Over the years, EA has made various adjustments to how shooting works in its FIFA games. In FIFA 23, there’s a new shooting mechanic called power shots that can be a deadly weapon in your arsenal.

These shots give you extra power and accuracy when shooting at a goal. The drawback is they take longer to execute and also require a little more precision when aiming. If you can master them, though, they could make all the difference.

Because they’re a new feature, it’s a good idea to learn how to properly use them if you’re just getting started. You might find your opponents do not expect them, giving you an extra advantage on the attack.

Focus on dead-ball situations

FIFA 23 beginners’ guide: Tips and tricks to level up your skills | Digital Trends (6)

In a deep dive into the new features in FIFA 23, EA explained it wanted to make free kicks, corners, and penalties feel more intuitive and more closely resemble their real-life counterparts. To do that, dead-ball situations have had a big overhaul this year.

When taking a free kick, you can now adjust your shot angle with the left stick. The right stick, meanwhile, controls a small reticle behind the ball that determines your shot’s curl, style, and elevation. There’s also a trajectory line that shows where the ball will go for its first few yards.

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When it comes to penalties, there’s a new ring that expands and shrinks around the ball before you kick it. This is your penalty taker’s composure ring — time the shot just right, and you’ll be able to shoot with more power and accuracy, making it harder to save.

That means these situations can play out differently from past FIFA games, so it’s worth taking the time to perfect your technique in each scenario.

Stick to the game plan

FIFA 23 beginners’ guide: Tips and tricks to level up your skills | Digital Trends (7)

When you’re new to FIFA, it can feel a bit overwhelming to try changing your tactical setup halfway through a game. But there’s no need to get bogged down in positions, player roles, and transition plays every time. Instead, use game plans.

At its simplest, a game plan defines the way your team plays. Do you want to go ultra-attacking and pile everyone forward in an attempt to score? Or are you trying to shut out the game and hang onto a hard-fought lead? In each of these situations and more, a game plan is what you need.

You can define your game plans from the Team Management screen. Just pick a pre-made example and tweak it to your needs. They work in Ultimate Team, career mode, and many other places.

The best part of game plans is how quickly they can be activated. During a game, just press Left or Right on your controller’s directional pad to cycle through them. You’ll see the name of the currently selected game plan appear on your screen, and your team will instantly adapt to fulfill their new roles. That makes them great time savers in clutch situations.

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