Is FIFA 24 coming out? (2023)

There have been a lot of questions around FIFA 24 and we can reveal whether there will be a FIFA 24 coming out in the future.

Many are loving FIFA 23, and this is mainly due to the very popular FIFA game mode Ultimate Team; however, interest has definitely been lost in some of their other game modes.

With no real competition in the football gaming world for now, FIFA has been able to stay the best; however, other new games are trying to compete like the upcoming UFL game.

Many have been wondering about the future of FIFA, and we can reveal whether there will be another game in the huge franchise.

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Will there be a FIFA 24?

The gaming community have loved the FIFA franchise for over two decades; however, news surfaced in 2022 revealing that developers EA Sports and FIFA are parting ways.

This has left many wondering what the future of the game is, and it is sad to see the most popular football game out there change.

Ultimate Team has seen great promos like Team of the Year and Winter Wildcards, but many are unsure on if this will be a thing in the future due to this split.

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Thankfully, due to EA Sports developing the game, they can take whatever they want with them. We can reveal that there will not be a FIFA 24 as EA Sports are rebranding and calling the game EA Sports FC.

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Speaking about the new and upcoming game, EA Sports said: “This new independent platform will bring fresh opportunity – to innovate, create and evolve. This is much more than just a change of symbol – as EA SPORTS, we’re committed to ensuring EA SPORTS FC is a symbol of change.”

The only thing that seems to be changing for now is the name and some great new features by the sound of this quote. When more details are revealed, we will let you know; however, we see these games released annually around September, so we have a bit of time to wait for future details.

Despite it being sad that there will be no FIFA 24, we are very excited to see what EA Sports FC is like and how the gameplay will look. We hope that there are also some brand new game modes as well!

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